Join the Summit Staff

Wake up super early. Work all day in the heat. Go to bed way late…

Sound like a way to spend a few of your weeks in the summer? Oh and, of course, it will change your life!

Get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into a ministry geared towards changing people’s lives. You will gain lifelong friends and have an incredibly fun experience with other leaders! It’s hard work but well worth it. We sweat together. Laugh together. Pray together. Worship together. The work, the ministering and the fellowship… All of it makes for an incredible fast-paced week that you won’t ever forget. It’s all about Jesus and making Him known. Become a part of the Summit Staff!

Must have completed 10th grade or be 16 to be a part-time volunteer Staffer. Send in your applications anytime and we will begin looking over them and making contacts soon. Mail or e-mail us your completed application to: Summit Camps Box 2555, Edmond, OK 73083 Email Applications to: